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Jessy n. Marine

Founder of SOA Paris

"I've always been very interested in others. I love diversity, differences, opposites... And, most importantly the acceptance coming from these.


I love art of many kinds and combine it with my love for people. I ended up running this project with friends, friends of friends and interested beautiful souls.

My name is Jessy N. Marine. I am a photographer, art director, marketing specialist and skateboarder!"

— Jessy N. Marine


Carlotto Rose

Carlotto´s work is a combination of the unknown mixed with some kind of intuition. Funny character as his inspo comes from the kids that don't want to go to therapy and street's floors.

Carlotto rose

painting, drawing



Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg
Valentina Mello SOA Paris-4.png

Valentina mello

Vale seeks redemption through art as she likes to say. Too cheesy? Lol, well that's how she summarizes her journey in a few words.

Valentina Mello 

tattoo, drawing



Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg
Rita Da Silva SOA Paris 2.jpg

Rita da silva

Rita a multidisciplinary artist: designer, illustrator and painter. Born and raised in Porto, she's now based in Barcelona and explores her creativity without any rules. "Nothing is defined, everything is constantly changing" she says.

Rita da Silva

painting, drawing



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Guillem SOA Paris.jpg

el nene

Guillem also called "el nene" is a multidisciplinary artist mostly making jewelry and tattoos. He currently focuses on the therapeutic and healing capacities of tattooing. His inspiration comes from very different fields such as contemporary art and tattoo, textile, fashion, activism and philosophy. 

El nene

tattoo, jewelry


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bonhomme gif soa paris.gif
Jessy N Marine SOA Paris
Priscila Davila SOA Paris.jpg

Priscila Davila

Pri mostly takes her inspiration from the streets. She likes to press the shutter to capture special moments that make people experiment emotions when looking at her photographs. "Train your eyes so they can learn to see what no one else can" she says.

priscila davila

photo, jewelry



Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg
Mariana SOA Paris.jpg

Mariana Rodrigues

Mariana started her career in 2012 focusing on fashion and lifestyle photography. She realized campaigns for brands and magazines. In addition, she started capturing skateboarding pictures. She's now in "Vivenciaskt", an international project about the skateboarding lifestyle.

Mariana Rodrigues




Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg
nikki soa paris -4.jpg

Nikki rosenberg

Nikki is an artist from Sweden living in Barcelona. She expresses herself and create through photography, painting and music. She likes to make digital collages, abstract  and psychedelic painting. Nikki also likes to process her emotions by writing and singing. 

nikki rosenberg

painting, writing,




Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg
Pauli Speziale 2 for SOA Paris

pauli speziale

Pau considers herself has an intense person. She feels like she has so many ideas, thoughts and feelings she needs to let out. So she chose art as a way to express but, also to understand herself better. "With art, I can travel inside myself" she says.


PHOTO, drawing,

jewelry, poetry



Tache aquarelle SOA Paris_edited.jpg


SOA Paris - Max and Leo


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