SOA Paris is happy to introduce you this creative artistic collaboration: Rubber & Glue. Another occasion to promote the motto  “cultivating our differences”.

Makai DeNeve - also called Trapstelo - is an american artist born and raised in Chicago (IL). He first started expressing himself through words and rhymes, mainly writing poetry and rap lyrics. In his 19’s, he began to release his art - or an extension of his experiences and dramatization of his thoughts as he calls it.


Naturally calm, the Chicago artist likes to create chaos and drama through his work to make life more exciting. Not creating content for others - but for himself - he never censors himself and doesn’t follow any artistic mainstream.

Photo: Rubber & glue video · Writer: JNM

Let’s say that his artwork is a reflection of this hysterical and unpredictable world we live in.

“This lasted up until 2017 when I took a hiatus, then I started to become a director.”

In 2018, Makai started surrounding himself with like-minded artists thus letting his creativity blossom. As of right now, he directs, writes, produces music, acts, films but also does photography and editing. Because it seems to never be enough, his next step will be to learn animation in the coming year. Meanwhile, the artist recently released a new art piece - Rubber and Glue - an interesting artistic collaboration.

“The project was inspired by the endless possibilities of self-expression.”


Music, choreography, animation… Indeed, the latter brings in the video a captivating variety of art forms with the aim to convey a thought or a feeling. Here is how Makai describes the process of this videoclip:


“This piece began when the recording artist - Nancy Love - showed it to me. I was given full creative control of the project, and basically, there were two ideas I wanted to use for this video. The first one, Nancy would not be a part of it. Secondly, I wanted to incorporate a choreographed piece during the live drums after the transition. Then, the choice of make-up originated later. It was based on what I thought would be the best for the piece. Lastly, the Russian translation was added due to a fascination and luckily, an opportunity.”


People of many different backgrounds were brought together to create this visual and audio piece. You will find below all the participants - and their @Instagram page - of this artistic collaboration.



Recording artists: @nancylovessw, (808s) @nikaisucks, (Live Drums) Cody Ratley 

Make up Artist: @boytoothless

Choreography: @ferlyssanguyen, @ret7279, @awkaudreyyy

Directed/Edited by: @trapstelo 

Filmed by: @johnnytwotimez

Translation: @aerisrite

Animation: @jimiboy07


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