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BINEFAR27 • From March 10th to the 30th

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Name: Molly Rose Strugatz
Art field: Mixed media
Country: United States of America
Pronouns: she/her

Description: Molly Rose Strugatz is an artist and writer from Brooklyn, based in Barcelona. She has a BA in
Visual Art, Writing, and Literature from Naropa University and an AA in Liberal Arts from Bard
College. She’s also studied at the Barcelona Academy of Art and The Art Students League of New
Strugatz’s work has been shown at museums and galleries in the United States and Spain, including
the Brooklyn Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and Chashama Gallery. Her writing
has appeared in Parabola Magazine, Blue Marble Review, The Review Review, and elsewhere.




Name: Mariana Rodrigues
Art field: Photography
Country: Brazil 
Pronouns: She/Her

Description: Portrait series "Wild as the wind" is based on the concept of the wild woman archetype which refers to the connection with our own primordial nature. The one that civilization has been taking from us.
This archetype comes into contact with our feminine unconscious, suggests the search to recover creativity, learn to defend ourselves, listen to our intuition and be spontaneous with the world around us, understanding our needs and discoveries in being a woman in this world.
The series of photos is composed of 3 portraits of women of different ethnicities photographed in Barcelona.

2 photos/prints 30x40 + frame in format 30x40 (portrait)
Printed in photography paper Fujifilm semi-matte 60€

1 photo/print 30x40 + frame in format 30x50 (horizontal)
Printed in photography paper Fujifilm semi-matte 100€



Description: Mugraff is the artistic pseudonym of a young man born in Barcelona in 1991. From the age of 15 he began to draw his first sketches and paint graffiti on shutters, trains and heights...

 Over the years his expectations changed motivated by a desire to explore the limits of creation in the streets...he evolved his style to work at a professional level painting giant murals, cultural events and orders...always willing to participate in new projects for being able to work with great artists from other disciplines.  For him it has always been an honor to be close to graffiscate (an artistic group) with whom he continued to exploit the idea of ​​customizing skates.  With them he has developed, among other projects, a collection of 15 unique boards.

 In 2014 he made his first exhibition and, since then, we can see his works temporarily in some bars, galleries and hotels in his city.
In 2015 he began to practice only the lettering technique, until he found his current style.
Currently his work is based on the study of letters and strokes, using typographical characters as a tool to generate explosions of color through texts and words that are difficult to read, where the viewer can recognize certain concepts but cannot decipher them by full.
In this way, his work manages to capture the attention of the most curious minds, generating a visually attractive unknown.

Unique piece 90x65cm acrylic on canvas 450€


Caligrafreaks 92x65cm acrylic on canvas 450€


Barceletters 92x65cm acrylic on canvas 450€ 



Name: Monika Kozub
Art field: Photography
Country: Germany
Pronouns: she/her

Description: "I decided to choose only self-portaits for this show, that focus on different aspects of being a woman for me: sexuality, menstruation, and existing beauty standards".



Name: Ana Gabriela Vidaurrazaga Ledesma 
Nickname: Anagi

Art field: Multidisciplinary 

Country: Spain

Pronouns: she/her

Description: Ana Gabriela Vidaurrazaga Ledesma is a Catalan artist born in Barcelona in 1993 and raised in a little village, Cervelló. A multidisciplinary artist who started drawing in the sand of her schoolyard, which led her to discover more of this new world. She focused on drawing and painting until in 2013 she started her university studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona where she became interested in sculpture. In 2018 she finished her degree in Fine Arts.


She could be classified as a multidisciplinary artist and although she continues to use various pictorial techniques, continues to make graffiti on the streets and paint some other piece of clothing, she is now focused on digital drawing.



Name: Giorgia Monticini
Nickname: Azadi

Art field: Painting

Country: Italy

Pronouns: whatever you prefer

Description: Azadi was born in Genova, Italy. She's graduated at the Academy of fine arts in painting and she is a multidisciplinary artists, interested by bodypainting, painting, engraving, installation and photography.

She started to be interested to find a way to make Art useful for the people so she graduated in Artherapy. 

Azadi moves her Art between her private world and the social world.

Azadi in Kurdish means freedom. 

Identity Issues 1

I was a sheep and I became a dog.

mixed media on paper


150 euro

Identity Issues 2

I wanted to be elephant but I was born rhinoceros.

mixed media on canvas


350 euro



Name: Mariana Erato
Art field: Photography

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