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At say something

May 20th - june 10th


Say Something is a mixed purpose community space in the heart of Barcelona. It is a gallery supporting local and international artistic talent with regular monthly exhibitions.


During the day it is open as a communal co-working space and in the evening and weekends it is open for workshops that present and support Say Something’s mission to support art, culture, rights and education.


Say Something is a safe inclusive space for all people.

Poetry Jackson is an incredibly talented artist with a passion for visual arts, painting, and poetry. Her unique work reflects themes of chakras, elevation, meditation, power, and divinity. Drawing from her personal experiences and spiritual journey, Poetry Jackson creates thought-provoking pieces that speak to the heart and soul.

With over a decade of experience in the art industry, Poetry Jackson has showcased her artwork in numerous galleries and exhibitions across the country. Her impressive list of exhibitions includes the 2022 Group Exhibition at the Virginia MOCA in Virginia Beach, VA, the 2021 Solo Exhibition at Rising Indigo in Norfolk, VA, and the 2021 Solo Exhibition at Hue Are You in Chesapeake, VA. In addition to exhibitions, Poetry Jackson has also participated in various workshops and presentations, including the 2020 Workshop: Painted Meditations at the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News, VA, and the 2020 Presentation: Poetry & Projections at the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News, VA.

Poetry Jackson's passion for the arts extends beyond her own artwork, as she is a dedicated community leader and advocate for the arts. She is the Founder of the 757 Street Art Battle and the Artkive Mural Group (AMG), and serves as the Public Relations Chair for the Visual Arts Advancement Collective (VAAC). Poetry Jackson is also committed to making a positive impact in her community and regularly teaches therapeutic arts at local institutions. She sits on the board of a non-profit organization for the arts and actively participates in local public art committees.

In 2023, Poetry Jackson will exhibit in Barcelona, Spain, and serve as the Artist Atrium Resident at the Virginia MOCA in Spring 2023. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her exceptional artwork, including the 2020 Norfolk Art Billboard Award in Norfolk, VA. Poetry Jackson's artwork is also represented by Gallery Ukwensi at Ghent in Norfolk, VA.

Poetry Jackson's dedication to the arts and her community has made her an invaluable and influential member of the artistic community. Through her unique and powerful artwork, Poetry Jackson continues to inspire and uplift others, making a lasting impact on the world of art.

Cicely is an abstract /surrealist artist inspired by emotion, absurdity and full intense color. Working mainly with acrylic, sprays & paint markers on canvas, she works predominantly from imagination.


Taking inspiration from portrait style composition, abstract landscapes and symbolism, she paints to express emotion, often only finding which emotion at the conclusion of the piece.


From sketches, custom-painted clothing, trainers, skateboards and more, Cicely began creating from a young age in her native Scotland. After pursuing many paths along the way, she currently writes full time in Barcelona and paints for the love of it. 


2222 isn’t an artist, nor creative, nor binary, nor sociable... It isn’t anything you imagine and yet, jj is everything. It is whatever you want it to be as it completes your reality, fills up your ego and reduces your fears.


The minimalist Collage Artist who hides behind La Paranoia is an expert in breaking down figures to compose emotions. The artist name is just a warning of the outcome that she has to plunge into her collages: surreal fantasy trips where there is only room for surreal, orderly and minimalist using the the idea of simplifying something so big as feelings or thoughts into small pieces of images.

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We are artists and skaters so we highlight the skating scene from another angle.

We created a community full of love (cheesy right?), support and keen to give some help to those who need it.

We connect and promote artists - skaters or not - with our network which means our friends, friends of friends, neighbors and, even our high school friends out of sight since the last grade.

We will definitely use our contacts to make our beloved artists grow in their art.

In a few words, we're the plug!

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