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1pm Start of the event with a skate session

2pm Start:

  • skate class by Dolores Magazine & Almas Libres

  • "Pimp My Board" creative workshop by SOA Paris

  • live painting by El Xupete Negre in collaboration with Alberto D. C.

3pm Start:

  • skate contest for ALL level, gender and people

4:30pm Start:

  • open mic including reading, rap, live music, slam, poetry, etc. by Znak Community

6:30pm Start projection with:

  • the documentary "Unicorns can skate" by Sundries Production

  • the movie premiere "Comfortable Guy" by Arseny Oleinik

9:30pm Closing of the event


  • Skate session

  • Skate class

  • Skate contest

  • "Pimp My Board" Creative Workshop

  • Open Mic

You can find & sign up to our activities here. If there is no sign up info, then there's no sign up needed.


Alberto Duran Cantero 

Art has the funny habit of expanding in all different ways. Alberto chose to combine his love for skateboarding by designing minimalist urban furniture in Barcelona, and around. He focused his interest on The Chair BCN project. Indeed, the artist builds by his own hands benches made of different material. Metal, concrete, wood… Alberto knows pretty well that anything can be used and upcycled.

The artisan has many tricks up his sleeve: skater, photographer and actor of the skateboarding community in Barcelona. Alberto is a creative soul you for sure want to meet!


Also known as 45000ft Ander is from the vibrant city of Montreal (Canada).He finds his inspiration in the energetic streets of Barcelona, where he lives now.

Through his paintings, he aims to infuse vibrant colors and foster social integration by celebrating diverse cultures and promoting emotional exchange. Ander's artistic focus lies primarily in creating larger-scale lettering works, although his versatility extends to encompass various design forms that can be observed on a variety of unconventional canvases. With boundless creativity, he employs a wide range of objects to bring his art to life.

Beyond his own artistic pursuits, Ander dedicates his time as a full-time spray paint teacher, sharing his knowledge and skills through workshops and classes. His reach extends beyond national borders, as he collaborates with international companies, facilitating creative learning experiences for a global audience.

Through his art and teaching, he continues to enrich the world with his unique blend of color, culture, and creative expression.


Arseny Oleinik

Czech Republic

“Comfortable Guy” by Arseny Oleinik

This film has two sides, the first is a love letter to the cozy old action movies of the 80’s and 90’s. Actores fly, fall, crash and burn: pure eclectics and dynamics. Simultaneously, this section showcases a slice of life comedy with absurd humor pointing to male show-offs.

Viewers are given a choice to perceive the adventures of the main character as reality or fantasy.

El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre is an iconic street artist in Barcelona. He started doing graffiti back in 1989. Quickly, he spread his emblematic pacifier all around Europe and America.

Galleries, museums, skateboarding but also footwear brands collaborated with the El Xupet. From Paris, Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, the artist has shown his pacifier in many different shapes and forms.

The Spanish artist is also a skilled artisan giving a new life to used material instead of letting it go to waste.

No question here, El Xupet definetly brings fresh ideas to our minds!

Damián Vásquez
pronouns unknown

Damian - also known as Disaikner - is an Ecuadorian skater, illustrator & tattoo artist, with a multidisciplinary expression and a disinterested vision of the current reality. As such, Disaikner focuses on what lies below and outside of what is marked by the media, trends, system or opinion, taking their style of illustration and artistic direction to different formats and graphic projects ranging from design, to the tattoo or their own creations.

About projection of Sbec skateboarding Sbec skateboarding is a wheels brand created in Ecuador that is now worldwide. Damian Vasquez is the creative director who did Leti video part and Davide Crepaz video part in honor of their pro models.


Leti video part has been filmed and edited by Damian Vásquez. Davide Crepaz video part was fIlmed and edited by Davide Crepaz and edited with Damián Vásquez.

El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre is an iconic street artist in Barcelona. He started doing graffiti back in 1989. Quickly, he spread his emblematic pacifier all around Europe and America.

Galleries, museums, skateboarding but also footwear brands collaborated with the El Xupet. From Paris, Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, the artist has shown his pacifier in many different shapes and forms.

The Spanish artist is also a skilled artisan giving a new life to used material instead of letting it go to waste.

No question here, El Xupet definetly brings fresh ideas to our minds!

Indy Makkinje
The Netherlands

Indy is a 25 years old photographer who moved to Barcelona (Spain) with the ambition to experience and create more than back home in the Netherlands. Goal reached! She now captures the essence of people and their soul with her photos. Portrait, street, she catches simple moments in a way that holds your attention

Today, Indy tells us her story and details her inspiration sources.

“From roots to Barcelona”

Barcelona, Spain (2023)
Black and white photo series
10 photos, 5 skaters, 1 story

Print 1/1
Size: 13x18cm
Price per set of 2: €60
Price per one: €40

“My name is Indy Makkinje. I am a 25 year old female photographer and
skateboarder born in a small city called Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

I have traveled a lot for skateboarding, and i started getting into photography
when I was very young.

When I was 21, I moved to Barcelona, Spain. From that moment on I learned
a lot about myself and the life I really wanted to be living.

This past year I have been on an intense inner growth journey, filled with
lessons and self love. I broke the barrier between me and my fears of chasing
my dreams. My creativity got a big boost. No longer was I doubting my work.

I got injured with skateboarding this year, and it forced me to do other things than skateboarding and it led me to buying my dream camera and setup. I started taking on more and more clients, building up my portfolio, trying out new things, doing photoshoots and starting with a lot of projects with other creative people and friends. I finally got into the world I belonged in. So now, with confidence and passion, I am going for this big dream of mine of being a photographer. I love telling stories with my photos, capturing raw and real moments. I love capturing the essence of people by making portraits. The small and ordinary things and moments in life are the most precious and beautiful ones, but easily looked over by, by us humans. What I love to do is capturing these ordinary moments in a way which makes people look at it in a different way. I suffer from a bad memory, and it used to make me sad. But, it also has
taught me to live in the moment way more than I used to do. I am more aware, more present. And I think this is also a big reason why I love photography so much. In this way i can hold on to a moment, a memory will stay a memory because I can get reminded of it by looking at the photos.

I love telling a story in a creative and touching way. In a way that makes people look at something differently. I will never stop capturing moments and
experimenting with photography.


I made this series with the goal of capturing someone's essence in a way that is most real. We
all know these skaters as these big skater figures in our world, but what else do we know
about them, really?

My mission was to find out more about what drives them. Where they come from and what lessons from home, drive them to go for the things they want to in life. I reached out to 5 skaters that inspire me personally, and I know a lot of people are inspired by. All 5 skaters I worked with come from a different country around the world, now living in Barcelona.

I asked them this question:


“What is a life lesson or a certain phrase that someone in your family, has taught you when you were growing up? Something which you, till this day live by and has shaped you into the person you are today?”


With this question I tried to capture the roots from each individual skater. We all come from different cultures and it's interesting to learn more about  these inspiring skaters we look up to, on a deeper level. We are all skaters, but we are not just another skater. We are human beings.

We each have different things that drive us, different social beliefs, different thoughts and mindsets. It is interesting to know what drives these 5 individuals, each coming from a different countries and cultures.

Each personal answer can be used as a reflection and reminder of where they come from, where it all started. It is important to remember where it all started to stay humble to what their family has taught them.

I want to give a big thank you to each skater that has been involved in this very personal and important project of mine.


Guiri Shanti Reyes

Shanti Reyes is a multi-disciplinary audio visual artist with a strong connection to cultures inspired by the lifestyle of street skateboarding, a commitment to healthy vegetarian nutrition, and a constant traveler spirit.

Moving through the different worlds of sports, fashion, tourism, and nature, and performing audiovisual skills both commercially and philanthropically.

With vast amounts of experience in the audio visual and photography production, he has traveled and learned from the industry experts in Brazil, California, New York, Miami and Barcelona.

Whether serving as a filmmaker, editor, or lighting director, whether on set, outdoors, or at the editing desk, Shanti Reyes is continually engaged in a creative process.



Jessy is a self taught photographer from Paris (France). She shares with you her nostalgia, sadness and fears as much as her love for life. Any emotion deserves to be lived freely so she makes sure you remember it.


Lyu Jing Yen

Lyu Jing Yen, James and even called “Hadamigua” which means “Big Cantaloupe” in Mandarin, is a skater and photographer from Taiwan.

Compressing all of a story into one frame, he loves to make skateboarding photography over videography. Apart from making great photos, Hada tries creative and interesting ways to challenge himself. 

“The frame is narrow but the variety is wide, that’s why I keep digging.” He says.

Sundries Production



“Unicorns can Skate” by Sundries Production

Belgium, 2022.


Two young sisters live and play together, they help each other. Even though Hana went through serious surgery and had to relearn how to walk, they take the challenge up to go skateboarding. With her speech computer Hana tells us what her sister means to her, and with her skateboard she shows us what skateboarding can do for her in her young life.

The sisterhood between Hannah and April shows that friendship, mutual care and support have nothing to do with differences in physical or mental abilities. It allows them to take on challenges together.

The sisters make us reimagine what it means to be a skateboarder in 2022. A time in which skateboarding finds itself in a very inclusive phase in its history, in which all kinds of styles, tricks, levels and backgrounds are accepted. The focus on what skateboarding means to these two young girls in terms of confidence, acceptance, and community during their weekly lessons with the social skateboarding project ‘Niña Skates’ reframes what it means to be a skateboarder in 2022 from a male dominated lifestyle to an inclusive activity with a focus on (mental) health benefits. Hannah and April’s participation in this ‘extreme sport’ builds an inspiring argument for inclusive participation in other areas of leisure. An emotional and beautiful tribute to mutual support.


You will find our homies' selection below.

Franziska Raffael


Jennifer Egert

Liisa Chisholm

Theodosia Marchant


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