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SOA Paris is proud to share with you its first article hoping it will help to promote its motto  cultivating our differences”.


Artists, hear us out! Here are 3 tips to get your art work noticed. We know it is not always easy to find the right contacts but also to convince them - as good as your pieces can be - so we decided to help you out. Read carefully, you might need those following advices.


1- Get your art work noticed with an impressive portfolio


First of all, you need to care about the photographs of your art work - using an old Android isn’t an option… The quality is important, an high exposure well executed will highlight your work.

Photo: Parallel Skatepark in Barcelona · Writer: JNM

Moreover, don’t forget about the description of your art work - it’s another chance for you to captivate the buyers. Title, size and a little explanation, nothing more!

Finally, your story is important. Buyers love to know the artist’s background, what it means for you and what are your influences. Don’t be shy, it might actually help you!


2- Put your artwork on the web


In 2019, nobody can escape the Internet, neither do you! Art blogs, online galleries, artists articles, art websites… So many platforms to be published on and get more visibility.

Social medias are also going to be your best assets as you will get the best ROI - return on investment - from them. Instagram, Facebook or even Linkedin, define yours and develop it to get your art work noticed.

3- Build a strong network


Get your art work noticed by working on your networking. A good inner circle will open you many doors: new contacts, new opportunities. Here again, you can’t be shy and have to give a bit of yourself. Be an active participant in art organizations, show up to art events! Buyers or not - even other artists - they will help you to get your art work noticed by providing you support, influence and inspiration.


Simple but efficient, these little tips will help you to get your art work noticed in the art scene. Start with a small - close - area and spread your work little by little all over the world. SOA Paris can't wait to see and share your art work!

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