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My name is Jessy N. Marine, founder of SOA Paris and a freelance photographer.


I've always been interested in others. I love diversity, differences, opposites... But most importantly the acceptance between each others.


I also always loved art of all kinds. Fashion, photography, writing... My curiosity and creativity bloomed into this visual art concept - SOA Paris - which promotes millennial artists and their work.


Basically thought for a clothing brand, the name SOA Paris stayed for all the projects I created - and will create. It is in fact an acronym coming from the names I would have given to my children if I had ever given birth. Not ready for this yet, I focused on my main project instead - that is quite like a baby to me.


Over time, I captured events such as art exhibition openings, fashion shows and live concerts. I also collaborated with artists to create projects and events.

Fascinated by photography, I started as a freelance photographer in 2017. Thanks to the accumulation of rewarding experiences, I developed technical skills in portrait, event, pack shot and art photography.

I studied International Trade in Paris and chose Marketing as my main professional field. I now use this knowledge during my shootings, events or projects so every detail catches your attention.

My name is Jessy N. Marine. I am a self-taught photographer, project organizer and marketing specialist but mainly a skateboarder and visual art lover.