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LUCKY 420!

Lately, things have been harsh around the globe and, that’s basically when living in this period you wish smoking weed was legal.

Nikki Rosenberg by Jessy N. Marine

For all my little birds traveling around, enjoying that life, here are countries where smoking weed is cool:

Obviously, we will start with Jamaica which has decriminalized the holy green since 2015.

Then, Ecuador which is one of the chillest countries in terms of Marijuana policies. The limitation there is around 10 grams for your personal use so, we bet you’ll be just fine.

Not too far, you can find a place where all stoners’ dream is reel. It’s not Amsterdam but Uruguay. Since 2017, weed has been normalized and legalized. A quick registration and you are free to fly!

Since a few months, Malta also legalized weed for recreational and personal use. Save the date December 14th of 2021 made a change in European weed history as it is the first country in Europe to do so.

Other places like Amsterdam and Barcelona - known for all they can offer - are and will stay for a while lands of freedom for Cannabis users.

Light that shxt up because the more stoned we are, the less we create problems - people say!

Photos by Jessy N. Marine.

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