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Our new workshop is here: Pimp my Board!

We welcomed 2021 with our new workshop called Pimp my Board, to connect with the people through art.

On Saturday 10th and 24th of April, at CAGE Gallery started the firsts editions of Pimp my Board workshop. Even though this winter was rough with new restrictions, we are still working on new ways to be close to you with art as a motor.

The artist, Surfiart - an expert drawing her own designs on surfboards and skateboards - taught the participants how to draw on a skateboard deck in a couple hours. Everyone brought good vibes and the desire to create during this new workshop. At the end of the experience, all the participants went home with new painting techniques, a special touch on their own customised board but also new friendships.

Colors, little chats and skateboarding give us a nice excuse to meet up for a funny and creative afternoon. The warm ambience of these Saturdays was the perfect open door to let the creativity flow.

We finished this journey with some good wine, food and many laughs!

A new edition will be planned soon, once again at CAGE Gallery.

We will continue to spread the good vibes we always liked to share!

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