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No taboo on your tattoo

If I say exclusive tattoos, cool vibes and open minds, what do you see? It couldn't be anything else but the last event we organised.

In August, a few tattoo artists gathered to create a feminist and LGBTQ+ event promoting our freedom as people.

Livia, Drea, Josh and Andrea chose to participate and to show their skills live.

Each of them created exclusive designs for the event which was "no taboo on your tattoo". Kisses, love and p*ssies, all these tattoos where made out of the artists' - open - minds.

Not only exclusive but also exceptionally cheap! From 25 to a 100€ maximum, it was the good deal to get a unique tattoo with a powerful meaning at a really good price.

You can find some of these artists at Enki Studio, Nou Bcn Studio or even cosy at home.

Different styles, good vibes and beautiful designs, what else do we need?

Don't miss the next edition, follow SOA Paris on our social medias to get the info.

Photo by Pauli S.

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