• Jessy N. Marine


Even during this difficult period, we made it and, organized a millenial feminist art exhibition called OUR ERA! Read more about it bellow.

Organising this art event has been an amazing process. My friend, Pauli and I organised a millennial feminist art exhibition in Barcelona called OUR ERA! Exactly a year ago, the idea bloomed and despite of the Covid-19 crisis we are actually living with, it happened on September 5th. The event aimed to gather and to sensibilise all generations on the following topics: WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY, LGBT COMMUNITY, ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS AND/OR YOURSELF.

10 artists participated, women from various fields such as painting, photography, tattooing, mixing, writing - and more. These millennials women from distinctive universes shared a part of their world through their art. For the delight of the guests, the artists were present at the exhibition and could introduce their own artwork. Paintings, drawings, poems and photographs were exposed in a nice cocktail bar located in the cute area of San Antoni, La Bombilla - a place known for its great decor, amazing drinks and cool team. The millennial feminist art exhibition revealed a catchy Dj set, two women living in the city - and making it live! Rumours said Caty and Larita almost made the paintings dance. Even though it is not true - no real facts reported - the tattoo artist, Liz could enjoyed the rhythm while tattooing her limited selection of art pieces specially designed for the event. Moreover, the visitors could enjoy the unique and funny artists' descriptions on the walls written by a little bird named Chloe. Last but not least, they - hungry and curious to try new tasty food - could also enjoy Mora and Jessica's vegan "bocadillos" to satisfy their hunger.

The mottos of this millennial art exhibition, here they are:

DON’T JUDGE! Expose your true self and ignore what our society imposes us.

INSPIRATION! This event was about sharing different art, work, talent from millennial women and thus, to inspire each other.

MEET PEOPLE! We hope it created a community that shares common ideas and find beauty where we were told the contrary. We use different ways to understand the World. Through this event, we could freely share to the each others all different and singular perspectives, open people’s mind and build a new era.

EVERYBODY CAN CREATE! Art is not only for the elite, it has many facets and many ways to be seen.

HERE WE ARE! Women have always been here and now a day, they take their power back.

CLOSER THAN EVER! Love your sisters without caring about their origin, religion, lifestyle, sexual orientation, disability... Sorority will make us grow. Our differences are not barriers, they only make each one of us beautiful and unique.

GOOD VIBE! We organised this event to spread this amazing energy through the artists’ work - hoping that more acceptance and love blossomed in people’s heart.

You will find bellow the list of the artists who participated to the millennial feminist art exhibition OUR ERA! Event made by millennial women and, proudly shown to change our conception of the society we live in.

Attention, these are the Instagram profiles.