• Pauli Speziale

OUR ERA! Second edition

Our Era is back! We started 2022 bringing loads of good energy with the second edition of OUR ERA, a feminist event created by SOA Paris in 2020 which has as main purpose to share! Share good vibes. Share various artistic categories. Share different styles. Share our motivations for being an artist. Share what make artist feel alive!

This year, we tried to focus on an important topic: Your Mental Health. We wanted to show you how important it is to take care of our minds, to understand our process and others'.

We use Art as a way to express what is in the deepest parts of our minds.

We use Art as a weapon to help us to focus on ourselves.

Art is our favourite partner during our personal growth.

We can heal with Art.

We can understand ourselves better with Art.

We can transform with Art.

And, we hope Art will help many to take their time to heal.

This new edition of OUR ERA took place at FLIRT AGENCY (BARCELONA).

The event welcomed different fashion brands, different artistic universes, a tattoo area and, our "mini cuisine" with vegan sandwiches and free drinks.

You could also enjoy the event in a sofa watching short films projected or at the little market where stickers, postcards and accessories could be found.

The event also came with three cool surprises:

  • Voucher of 150€ at ENKI TATTOO with exclusive artists

  • "Nap King" shirt from WESH SKATEBOARDING

  • Colourful ashtray from COSITAS ASI ACCESORIOS.

The only way to win these prices was to participate to our giveaway and to guess the following question: “When was SOA Paris created ?”

The 3 winners left pretty happy!

We strongly believe in the power of "being together", we couldn't have done it without you guys! Thank you for your support, for coming and bringing all this good energy. And for those who couldn't join that day, we still send you all the love.

The best way to thank you all would be to create new projects where we can embrace ourselves with art, where we can share, and "CULTIVATE OUR DIFFERENCES".

We want to especially thank:

- FLIRT agency (@ohyouflirt)

- ENKI tattoo store (@enkitattooshop)

- Sam and Leo in our "Mini Cuisine" (@burnedurlunch & @lelelleo)

- Ferre Catasus winery (@ferreicatasuswinery)

- Irene Llado at the entrance (@airinladow)

- Priscila (@prisciladavilaph) and Pauli Speziale (@paulispeziale) with their cameras

- Arshad, a cool street beer guy

But also the Visual Artists:

- Jessy N. Marine (@soaparis)

- Santiago Vasquez (@glueye)

- Ana Rita Silva (@aritapeste)

- Nikki Rosenberg (@nikkikikka)

All the Tattoo Artists:

- Elvire (@elviretattoo)

- Karlos (@herio.sap)

- Valentina Mello (@okcalmavale)

Our Movie Artists for PAIN THERAPY:

- Camera and post production by Marco Selten (@seltenlive)

- Solene (@solxedn), Aude (@autopasta), Pauli Speziale, and Jessy N. Marine as actresses

- Creative direction by Jessy N. Marine

The Fashion Brands participating:

- WESH skateboarding (@wesh_skateboarding)

- Weritage (@weritage_)

And the artists for the Mini Market:

- Surfiart (@surfiart)

- Cositas Asi Accesorios (@cositasasiaccesorios)

Photos by Pauli Speziale and Priscila Davila.