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Another artist you should definetely discover: LaJae Essence, best known as Poetry Jackson. Writer, singer, painter... This mutlifaced artist collaborated with me - when recently creating the concept SOA Paris - a couple years ago. During her trip in the French capital, she realized an impressive body painting with Japanese inspirations for an unreleased project. Here is an interesting interview with Poetry about herself and her artwork. Can you introduce yourself? My name is LaJae Essence, I am a Visual Artist and Performing Artist, based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am also the Founder of Artkive Mural Group (AMG) and hold the Public Relations Chair for the Visual Arts Advancement Collective (VAAC). I find and releases inspiration into teaching art as mediation to people of all ages and backgrounds. I truly believe in my distinctive and unique self-expression. My mission is to help others to expand their creative capacity. My vision and journey to greatness paints colorful perspectives. I exemplify creative control by way of paint and poetry. My creative process empowers artists to be inspirational leaders. My goal is to create work that stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. Why did you start painting, and why do you have an interest for art? I started painting in 2013 right after I recorded my first studio album "Creative Control", I experienced writer's block. A friend suggested that I should try painting. She said it would help to get my creative juices flowing, and so I did. The way the brush felt against the canvas was very unfamiliar. Funny thing is i never stopped painting. I fell in love with the process of creating art. I could express visually concepts the I couldn't capture as vividly with words. I felt as if i had found my calling. Art became my second love. ​ My interest in art is strongly rooted in my knowledge of the principles of visualization. For me, there is a distinctive fulfilment that comes from adding value to the world by way of the creative process. I perceive art in a spiritual sense. I've often said that creativity doesn't come from me but rather is channelled through me. It's through the energy of my creations that I aim to inspire others to also express the highest versions of themselves in their own unique way. ​ What are the different Collections and what are their meanings? I have created many many different collections. They've all been inspired by different life experiences. There are also times I just paint because I want to move stagnate energy. I've looked at my own paintings in amazement and wondered where the inspiration behind the piece was channelled from. Sometimes I don't fully understand the entire essence of a painting until much later after the painting is completed. ​ Collections Description: (Lovers Kingdom) This Acrylic painted Lions Collection represents the balance of masculine and feminine forces. I used references of two lions in their natural habitat to best capture the passion of this dynamic. (Two) 4ft x 4ft Custom gallery wrapped canvas. Completed in 2019. ​ (RoyGbiv series) The RoyGBiv series is a acrylic painted portrait collection inspired by the color spectrum. Each color symbolizes a vibration or frequency radiating through the chakras. The photo's for the 7 portraits were chosen by the intensity in their eyes. (Seven)16x20 inch acrylic Portraits. Created in 2019. ​ (Smokers Section) Charcoal and Pastel Portraits of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The collection depicts great artist in medicated, meditative states. (Three) 16x20 inch Charcoal and Pastel Portraits. Completed 2019. ​ (Tribute Art) My tribute art is inspired by people who've inspired me. A few are, Toni Morrison,Maya Angelou, Sweet pea Whitaker, Nipsey Hussle, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain and John Lennon. Collections 2018-2019. ​ (Painted Meditations) My painted meditations collections are oil and acrylic landscape paintings, rich full of symbolism and colors. In these landscapes I use the water and sky to convey deep emotion. 2013- 2019 What would you like to reflect in your future paintings? I would like to explore more creative disciplines and broaden my knowledge of art in general. I also plan to travel more for new studies and inspiration. I can see myself in the near future working on much larger scale canvases as well creating really monumental sized expressions. What helps you paint in general what are your real influences? I'm influenced a lot by the creatives in my inner circle and what helps me to paint is a clear mind. I've experienced the more focused i am the easier that it is for me to channel and get into "creative flow". I often enjoy painting to lofi-instrumentals and audiobooks. I sometimes paint for hours in silence so I can truly meditate on the painting. How did you spread your work in the art scene? I spread my work in the art scene by first building my brand. I host creative events, perform poetry, live paint and teach art often. Also, most of my very close friends are musicians, visual artist and writers. I build and join groups with other artists and business professionals to find out how we can use art to better our environment, neighborhoods and personal lives. Which current art trends are you following? I'm not trendy in my creative process. I create whatever comes most naturally to me. I do pull inspiration from how art is marketed these days. I use social media as one of many platforms for marketing and selling my artwork. It's becoming increasingly more easy to buy and sell art online. I also utilize paid advertising for specific content. I've benefited greatly from creating great content for future collectors. I also use social media to keep up with Gallery openings, exhibits and other arts related events taking place. I believe in being free in my expression.

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