"Leo was talking about going to Cologne and Berlin this summer, so one day when she was booking the flights I said: 'Count me in!'.

We skated the whole time and met some good people in the meanwhile.

Really grateful for this trip and for my good friend Leo.
I had a blast again making this so hope you enjoy!"

— Martina Schweiger


Here, near and there, skaters from everywhere support each others with short videos of their path, some advices and mucho love!

From the most basic tricks to the gnarliests, we just want to have fun and that's all that matters. Send us your video by email to participate.

1/ First, quickly present yourself

2/ Send us 3 videos of you skating

3/ Choose topics you want to talk about
- Why skateboarding?

- What do you think about the inclusivity of different communities (queer, women, black, etc.) in skateboarding?

- Any favourite trick?


4/ Give some tips to the other fellas skaters waiting to get hyped for their next sesh!

Mucho love. #soaparis
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Santi Vasquez is a photographer and videographer traveling around the world.

During his last visit in Barcelona at the beginning of 2022, he made this short lifestyle skate video we projected at our tattoo event, "No Taboo On Your Tattoo".

Santi is now wandering around, capturing priceless moments we all want to remember.


Many businesses in Barcelona such as Focus Tattoo studio are owned by our skater fam.

Our friends on four wheels opened spaces where the skateboarding culture is strongly represented.

Art also became a source of happiness for our friends. 
Carlotto Rose, an former pro-skater, found happiness in painting.