InspirationS #1

Young, Wild
and Free(zing)!

During this period, it is important to keep a positive and healthy mindset. Stay safe, enjoy your reading!

For this shooting, I chose to highlight an issue everybody deals with, especially right now.


In Barcelona, so many travelers come to work, study or visit the city. But during the cold season, only a few take time to enjoy the beach... A little walk with the toes in the sand, a quick swim in the sea or just seat there and enjoy the moment. Most of us know we normally barely see the sea when in our hometown. Our choice to come to Barcelona has probably been influenced by the surrounding landscapes. So why ignore them now that it is finally here?

Photo: Lucy Blasche · Writer: JNM

Dear friend, ENJOY LIFE A 100%!


Whatever the result is, you will always have the chance to say : "at least I tried/did this". Turn on a new mindset with no regrets. This positivity can only better off your life, your soul and your heart. Indeed, sometimes things don't turn out the way we expect them to be. Even in such situations, learn to see the bright side - because I believe there is always one. Don't stay focused on things, emotions, people, negative states of mind, etc. that clearly destroy the great person you are little by little.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about how to achieve your life goals. I just want you to have a different look on the world, explore it with curiosity and enjoy daily little things. Maintain this liveliness!

I want to thank my friend from Berlin - Lucy Blasche - for this reminder. I deeply thought about it when she took that little swim in the sea in the middle of winter. It was around 5°C and the wind was blowing... This reckless person made me realize that I never went back to the beach since winter started. All this time, I just stayed in my boring comfort zone. Even though I didn't swim with her, it was refreshing. Way better than the routine!



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